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East Hampshire Roofing Ltd provides a meticulous service to clients in the Petersfield area. Our roofing company has a growing reputation for attention to detail, which it extends to roof repairs and new installations alike. With full liability insurance and the relevant warranties in place, we deliver a high-quality service for domestic and commercial clients across East Hampshire. From felt roofing and GRP fibreglass installations to moss removal and leadwork, our roofing contractors offer cost-effective solutions that keep properties safe and energy bills low.


Specialising in flat roofing such as felt, EPDM and fibreglass in the Petersfield area, our roofing company brings over 30 years of experience to every installation or repair. Please call our reliable team on 07761 940 932.


Experts in Listed Building Maintenance


As skilled roofing contractors, we provide our expert care to listed buildings throughout Petersfield and the surrounding areas. These properties are unique in their makeup and require exceptional care at every stage. Listed buildings are revered for their charm and historical value, and must be approached with this history in mind. Using the most advanced industry tools and taking every precaution possible, we conduct exacting roof repairs to keep these properties safe in the coming years.


We build to the character of the existing property and perform a robust service with the proper inspections in place. If a listed building suffers damage or begins to show signs of wear, we arrive promptly and keep the location tidy for minimal disruption.


Skilled in Modern Flat Roofing


Flat roofing has grown in popularity due to its fast installation time and affordable cost. Our roofing company offers EPDM, GRP fibreglass and felt roofing at a competitive price, implementing the finest membranes for waterproof coverage. EPDM consists of a rolled sheet which we then cut to the shape of the property. Homeowners and commercial clients in Petersfield can choose EPDM or felt roofing; both of which come at a low cost, are easily replaced and perform admirably in all weathers.


GRP fibreglass is among the most hardwearing flat-roofed systems available, providing a tough finish that protects against water, hail and other impacts. Available with a coloured topcoat, this type of flat roofing can be supplied with a slip-free coating if access is required.


We offer the following services to property owners in Petersfield, Waterlooville and the surrounding areas:


• A flexible approach to new installations and roof repairs

• The operation of a 24/7 emergency callout service

• Quality workmanship for flat and pitched roofing

• Roofline maintenance including gutters, facias and soffits

• Ventilation, skylights and Velux window installations

• Leadwork, chimney repointing and moss removal


For felt roofing, roof repairs and more from a reliable team of roofing contractors in the Petersfield area, please call our office on 02392 983224.

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